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ViaGuru provides bespoke B2B, B2C & C2B Content Marketing Campaigns that has but one focus purpose — "Collaboration for Social & Community Relationship building on true voice.

ViaGuru helps you build a web mobile social community for your purpose. Your team members will be able to easily socialize information, media, events, documents, activites, and much more with strategy.

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Enterprise Plans ViaGuru Pilot Plans co-creates, develops, operates and markets on social and search engines.

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On ViaGuru Social

ViaGuru IT Services We do everything that is required to process, integrate, optimize to develop, design and code. The Publish, Distribute and Market on global social search engines with customized strategy.

  • ViaGuru

    ViaGuru Social

    • Complete Social Seearch Network Experience
    • Custom, Owned Profile Cloud Stacks
    • Measure Activity, Groups, Members
    • Private & Public Messaging
    • Photos, Video Streaming and Conversions
    • Notifications & Site Tracking
    • Social Development, Management & Marketing
  • Live Customiser


    • More Bigger, Faster and Accurate Marketing
    • Easily Scale with AI Managed Services
    • B2B, B2C and C2B Bespoke Social Campaigns
    • Audience Purpose, Experience, Reputation, Value
    • Unlimited Geo-Local City Messaging
    • UX Design Options Choices

    & More ...

  • File Management

    Performance Management

    • Image, Video, PDF, & Other files Sharing
    • Engagement on each social network directly
    • Group Files and Management
    • Public and Private Option
    • Compliance and Risk mitigation of execution
    • Role-Team based marketing communication
    • Data-metrics insights for transparency
  • ViaGuru MarTech and MarCom

    MarTech & MarCom

    • Complete Marketing Technology Management
    • Personalized Social Marketing Communication
    • Choice of 20+ social - search networks
    • Multiple global search engine marketing
    • Advanced AI content, media & data marketing
    • Views and Engagement & Analytics Tracking
    • Complete Performance ROI Management Accountability
  • ViaGuru Data-Metrics KPI

    Live Measurement

    • Measure KPI data-metrics transparently
    • Mobile ready, Images, Links, Videos, Slide-show
    • Gated access, Control and Cyber Security
    • Local Public Outreach, Attraction and Conversion
    • No server required, we host it and run it
    • Single window from start to finish
    • Social Channel choices based on target audience

    & More ...

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    • Multiple Campaigns Integrated Project Management
    • Powered Technology, Tasks, Apps and API
    • Project Performance Blockchain Data-Analytics
    • Group Projects, User Projects
    • Task Priority, Task Completion
    • Track Status on each Social Network Analytics
    • Grow Audience Discussions & Engagement
  • Events Management

    Future Events

    • Rapidly Timed Campaigns for Events Marketing
    • Timed scheduled publishing based on location
    • Calendar Month wise Qtr./ YoY
    • Match on-ground activities with digital
    • Google Maps to drive event visitors
    • Intelligent micro post updates and macro articles
    • Localized, Internationalized & Translated
  • Community Builder

    Community Builder

    • Builders of online reputation, awareness and attraction
    • Build for enterprise that require scale
    • Effective, privacy and logic-based anti-SPAM compliance
    • Export Backups directly from each social account
    • Build Client Personalized and made-to-fit for purpose only.
    • Embed ourselves as part of Client teams
    • We build, operate and manage it all
    • Supports only for paid-clients.
  • Private Gated Web Site

    Risk Mitigation

    • Ownership Control of digital assets footprints by Client
    • Prior clearence from legal, authors, leader before publishing
    • Secure digital assets in-house and cloud
    • No external access by third-party to cloud
    • No risk of YoY cost increase for digital chain
  • Proprietary AI Artificial Intelligence

    Proprietary Open

    IT, AI and MarTech automation for bespoke content, media and data marketing communication campaigns as a forte.

    • >> USP - Proprietary AI for production, scale, speed, costs, time, work & digital-chain returns.
    • IT for creation, process, operation, localization, optimization & integration
    • MarTech for social search publishing, distribution, marketing, experiences, conversion & measurement
  • Unlimited Landing Pages Campaign


    We operate multiple campaigns with each social update having its own unique landing page to serve audience experiences.

  • Multilingual Campaigns


    We co-create and publish social campaigns in global languages for local context, culture, experience and value.

    • National and Global Campaigns
    • Local Translate and Publishing
    • Semantics Search Optimization
    • Local Neighborhood zip targeting
  • Simplify Outcomes

    Simplify Outcomes

    • Simplify Content and Media Strategy: Dev-Ops Marketing
    • Simplify Technology
    • Simplify Work, Time and Effort
    • Simplify Scale of Marketing
    • Simplify Digital Complexities
    • Simplify Cloud Operations
    • Simplify Social Search Marketing Performance
    • Simplify Measurement Accuracy
    • Simplify ROI, ROMS to Reduce Ad. Spends
  • Social e-Selling

    Social e-Selling

    • Sell anything, anywhere, any channel
    • Download instant or Ship as you like
    • Credit card payment
    • You control it all - forever
    • Built with social selling in mind
    • Define your store-front items
    • Social selling made easy with integration
  • Accessible


    • 24/7/355 Publishing
    • Comprehensive Services
    • Step by Step, Qtr. to Qtr. Marketing
  • Cause Support

    Cause Support

    There is no perfect 100%. That is why we are always willing to work with people issues. Like you, we want to change things too!


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